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25 Aug 2008

Comics for teh 133t h@xxz0rz

A coworker turned me onto the webcomic xkcd earlier this summer. If you are reading this (there’s a philosophy joke here somewhere…), then you’ll probably appreciate the humor of this guy. Need more proof? Aside from syndicating the comic directly in his RSS feed (I’ve never seen that before), he also (a) does not have a “www” subdomain, and (b) runs his own IRC channel (#xkcd on An IRC channel for a web comic must rank up there somewhere on the uber-nerd scale. Even my wife admits that would give me a run for a my money. I’ve been slowly going through the archives. My current favorites: and Sidenote: Firefox flagged the word “webcomic” as a misspelling. For shame! Anyone know where you can submit new words to their system? I just love seeing OSS adopt new vernacular before Webster or M$ jump on the bandwagon. Update: I realized that the post title is probably absolutely gibberish to most people. It’s written in leet speak, which replaces letters with numbers and symbols. Several origins have been described, but I see it used a lot in gaming circles simply to ensure uniqueness (since you cannot have two players with the same name).

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