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The more you know, the more you don’t know

15 Oct 2022

Adjust Your Meddling Point - A Case for Managing Less

In a previous article about crappy silos, I shared a common loop that happens whenever someone needs help outside their immediate team. On the one hand, I made the point that Alice and Bob are “grown ass adults” (TM) fully capable of making decisions. After all, the company wouldn’t have hired them if they weren’t capable, right? However the manager has a legitimate role to play as well: make sure the work is aligned with company objectives.
27 Jan 2022

NFT's Are Total Crap. For the Moment.

Because I run a herd of high-level engineers – the team averages 15 years experience – the topics of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and now non-fungible tokens (NFT) come up pretty routinely in our informal gatherings. We have achieved general consensus around blockchain and crypto: they’re both good, with clear applications, and quite a few of us (your author included) have invested some amount of money in cryptocurrency. However NFT’s have remained a doggedly divisive topic.
11 Jan 2022

Why Do Silos Suck

When you hear the term “silo” used to describe business structures, it is nearly always a pejorative, a “four letter word” in the truest sense. Development teams that subscribe to Agile practices often lament how “silo-ization” slows down ongoing work. You can expect more colorful language when a decision seems to work directly against the goals of a project, halting work or adding tasks that seem to add no real value.
25 May 2021

Podcasting Is Actually Faster Than Writing

It seems like everyone picked up a new hobby during the 2020 quarantine. Mine was obviously not blogging, however in the last few months of the year I finally made good on a personal goal and launched a podcast, called Refactored.

16 Aug 2020

Build Your Resume for Speed

Most resume advice is high-flown crap. The titles and introductions describe resume content and structure as a series of mystic combinations.

23 May 2020

Five Core Ingredients for Awesome Remote Work

COVID-19 has prompted the single largest migration of workers from brick-and-mortar office locations to a remote work-from-home format, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

10 Aug 2015

Beware Asus RMA and Support Services

I'm a long-time fan of Asus motherboards for my custom PC builds, however that positive experience has been stretched to the breaking point with my latest round of upgrades.
02 Jun 2015

Angie's List subscription pricing

I recently needed to find a service provider in my area, and considered subscribing to Angie’s List for all those amazing customer reviews that they like to tout. As a seasoned customer of online subscription tools, my first stop was the Angie’s List homepage with the goal of finding out just how much the service would cost. There’s plenty of links that will take you through registration, but exactly none of them show you how much you’ll pay until you’re well along in the process.
28 Apr 2015

Use Perforce P4Merge with TortoiseGit

TortoiseGit comes bundled with a native visual merge tool called TortoiseGitMerge. It's workable, but nowhere near as potent as Perforce's P4Merge.
21 Apr 2015

Vagrant 1.7 Breaking Change for SSH Client Users

Vagrant recently introduced an unannounced (and potentially breaking) change in its default handing of SSH keys.