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The more you know, the more you don’t know

16 Aug 2020

Build Your Resume for Speed

Most resume advice is high-flown crap. The titles and introductions describe resume content and structure as a series o...
23 May 2020

Five Core Ingredients for Awesome Remote Work

COVID-19 has prompted the single largest migration of workers from brick-and-mortar office locations to a remote work-f...
10 Aug 2015

Beware Asus RMA and Support Services

I'm a long-time fan of Asus motherboards for my custom PC builds, however that positive experience has been stretched to the breaking point with my latest round of upgrades.
02 Jun 2015

Angie's List subscription pricing

I recently needed to find a service provider in my area, and considered subscribing to Angie’s List for all those amazi...
28 Apr 2015

Use Perforce P4Merge with TortoiseGit

TortoiseGit comes bundled with a native visual merge tool called TortoiseGitMerge. It's workable, but nowhere near as potent as Perforce's P4Merge.
21 Apr 2015

Vagrant 1.7 Breaking Change for SSH Client Users

Vagrant recently introduced an unannounced (and potentially breaking) change in its default handing of SSH keys.
03 Jun 2013

How to say "GIF"

Steve Wilhite, inventor of the GIF image file format, accepted a Webby Lifetime Achievement Award this past week. His acceptance "speech" is understated epic-ness.
20 Jun 2012

Display line numbers in WebSVN file detail view

WebSVN is an open source subversion repository browser written in PHP, offering a compelling...
07 Mar 2012

It's dangerous to go alone

Print and hang. Your goblin-slaying co-workers will thank you.
24 Feb 2012

Create Self-Signed Wildcard SSL Certificate

Here’s the command list to quickly create a self-signed SSL certificate from the Linux command line. You can copy/paste...