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27 Oct 2008

Downtime and a new find

For the twelve people who subscribe to my feed, you may have noticed that it had gone bye-bye while I migrated the site. We’re back on track now, and I apologize for the downtime. If you unsubscribed, please don’t hate me and give me another chance. I’m a huge follower of the Signals vs. Noise blog hosted by the staff at 37 Signals. Jason Fried in particular is chock full of great insights for the aspiring software business or entrepreneur. He delivered a speech at the Business of Software Conference in September that condenses most of his business insights into a 30-minute presentation. A lively Q&A discussion follows the presentation for another 30 minutes, giving you an hour chock full of business insights with a strong focus in software development. Anyone who fits those two categories would be wise to watch it in its entirety.

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