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13 Feb 2009

Escape from City 17

I just hopped onto Steam, gearing up for some TF2, and I was presented with a fantastic news update. Some bootstrapping directors made a short film called Escape From City 17. If you’ve played Half-Life 2, the story covers some of the citizens trying to get out of the city after Dr. Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance set the Citadel to blow. According to Valve, they made the film with very limited cash, donated equipment and props, and lots of effects borrowed from the Source Engine. It’s mind-blowing how well it came out. I was getting a very jittery display, so I recommend you download the video in hi-res to really appreciate it. What, never heard of pwnYouTube? Well now I’ve given you two great recommendations today! After watching it, I immediately went to check out their site (, but it looks like their host has shut them down due to billing issues. If anyone with contacts to Purchase Brothers reads this, get them in touch with me. I’d be happy to cover their next month’s hosting if I get to see more kick-ass video like that. Update: Looks like they’re back up. And it didn’t cost me anything. Update 2: Site’s been offline for quite some time, looks like they’ve shut down for good. That’s a shame. Guess my enjoyment will start and end with this one incredible piece.

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