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02 Feb 2009

There are still kinks in Apple's armor

To: Anyone at Apple who works on iPod/iTunes

From: Annoyed iPod Shuffle user

Subject: Stop deleting my songs Message:

A recent run was rudely cut short when I realized that my iPod Shuffle contained just two of the hundred or so songs that I listen to while working out. Some sleuthing lead me to discover that every time I connect my iPod to the docking station and open iTunes, the program re-syncs every song I have on the device. If the song is not located in the original location — i.e. the place on my computer that I uploaded it from — iTunes jumps to the conclusion that I must not want the song on my iPod any longer. I can sincerely assure you that this is never the case. The NAS device where I house my music is only connected when I need something, and I do not consider your RIAA-worshipping deletion paranoia a legitimate reason to alter my behavior. Your devices are indeed wonderful, I bought one after all. However the software connected to it leaves much to be desired. Obviously I’m not alone, as there are a plethora of alternatives to your crap-tastic iTunes interface. If the Genius Bar isn’t smart enough to realize that I get to decide what goes on and comes off the device, it’s hardly deserving of the title, and I suggest you put your efforts toward a better overall experience. In a way, I can’t say I blame you. Your devices bring in hordes of money, the software that runs on the desktop is almost an afterthought. However I can assure that I am keeping my eyes keen for the company that can deliver a competitive product with a superior interface with my computer.

You hear that, competitors? I want to give you money for the stuff that Apple can't deliver. Quit charging them in the open field, and start sniping at range. Their armor is weak just below the neck...

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