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The more you know, the more you don’t know

This content is a little crusty, having been with me through 3 separate platform changes. Formatting may be rough, and I am slightly less stupid today than when I wrote it.
17 Sep 2009

Seriously, guys

In my life as a full-time employee, I ran a membership management system for an international non-profit that organized over 40,000 volunteers at the local, state, and national levels in almost 30 countries. It coordinated physical material deliveries (part of the system was a full shopping cart installation), managed electronic documents, and delivered news to all those volunteers. I built the system myself from scratch (minus said shopping cart), and ran it on my own for almost three years. When I wasn’t coding it or maintaining the server, I provided tech support for the office staff and customer support (including phone calls) for volunteers. I was the only technical person in the whole place. I can count the number of times that system went down as result of anything other than a hardware issue on one hand. Much as I love it, I fail to see how a minimally configurable 140-character obtuse message board can fail so often! Update: Alright, it’s back up. Good recovery this time, but you still have to reset the “Days since an accident” sign back to zero.

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