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05 Nov 2009

New StumbleUpon shorter site submission

I was submitting a good business-oriented discussion about SEO just now to StumbleUpon and I noticed they’ve changed how submissions of a new site work. Before, you picked a category for the site, offered a description, and included any worthwhile tags. It wasn’t a whole lot, but I have done the internal “groan” when presented with this to-do list. Now, if the page is new to their systems, they simply asked if the site is “Safe for work.” That’s it. Sweet. Looks like this is part of the rollout for their latest version. According to that post, and some poking around, it looks like the service has seen major work in the usability department. I can see the in-house discussion…

  • “Why does the user have to do this?”
  • “Isn’t this a task that our system could handle?”
  • “How many more submissions could we get if we reduced the friction associated with doing so?”

Score another one for simplicity and ease of use. Do you have the same concern for your product? Everyone loves it when things are easy and obvious, both online and off.

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