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11 Jan 2010

Come see me at the next PSL Fishbowl

Fwd:Vault is hosting Philly Startup Leader’s next Fishbowl event, and you’re invited to attend for free! So what’s a Fishbowl? An event that lives up to its namesake, really. One business puts itself in the metaphorical fishbowl, presenting itself and a current situation they are facing, and solicit the community for feedback. It’s beneficial for all involved: the hosting company gets valuable insight from knowledgeable sources on a targeted topic, wiser heads pass on their hard-earned knowledge, and everyone has the opportunity to learn and network. The focus of the event is based on the hosting company’s needs. In my case, Fwd:Vault is “this close” to a commercial launch, and I need to start shifting my focus from development to marketing and sales. Unfortunately, my direct experience in these areas is pretty weak, and I’m making guesses about where to begin. Enter the Fishbowl, and community of business owners who have been there before. Insight ensues. **PSL Fishbowl w/ Fwd:Vault

Wednesday, January 20th @ 7:00 pm

Location: Terra Building, Room 1107

Address: 211 South Broad St.** Come meet me and other stellar business owners, learn, network. PSL is a community of entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia area, I’ve written about them before.

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