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22 Apr 2010

My presentation at PSL's Entrepreneur Expo

I had the opportunity to exhibit at the Entrepreneur Expo in Philadelphia last week. As the first public showcasing for Fwd:Vault, I think it went pretty well. If you really want to hone your message, explaining it to someone in a very loud, crowded, busy room is awesome trial-by-fire practice. Fwd:Vault was also 1 of just 10 exhibiting companies (out of a possible 40) selected to give an in-depth presentation. Following the format of the event, presenters told the story of their companies: the idea, getting started, challenges, successes, lessons learned, etc. In short, get up and say anything other than your sales pitch. It was a neat departure from the way presentations typically go at such events, and I was excited to participate. My Flip cam was in attendance, so if you ever wanted to hear about how a solopreneur with no investor capital actually gets a company off the ground, enjoy! P.S. The camera was angled to get the whole screen, but fell a little forward once I set it up. Sorry about that.

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