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This content is a little crusty, having been with me through 3 separate platform changes. Formatting may be rough, and I am slightly less stupid today than when I wrote it.
10 May 2010

FileTime edit Windows file timestamps

In my off-hours, I tutor a very talented young man on computers, programming, and IT. Our work is usually short exercises, but every now and then we drum up something that might be of use. The download today is one of those unique pieces. It started by simply playing around with installers, which by design create and delete files. In the process we found the hooks for file metadata, and played around with those. It eventually turned into a nice GUI on the file properties window, which we wrapped up in an installer.

FileTime allows you to edit the Created, Modified, and Last Accessed date/time for any file on a Windows system. After running the installer, right click on any file, choose “Properties,” then click the “FileTime” tab.

It’s pretty straightforward from there…

window to edit file created, modified, last accessed date/time

It’s definitely one of those programs that is worthless to the vast majority, but pure gold to the one with a specific need. I honestly have no idea if this would be useful to anyone, but have been doing this way too long to assume that it wouldn’t be useful to someone, somewhere.

FileTime has only been tested on Windows XP. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users are on your own.

Download FileTime installer

Download FileTime DLL (advanced users only)

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