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30 Sep 2010

Interviewed at MO

I had the great fortune of being interviewed by the guys over at earlier this month, discussing Fwd:Vault and what I’ve learned about starting a business in general. Who’s From their website interviews entrepreneurs from all walks, across all industries, and from around the world. We focus on their habits and methods; what makes them tick. The primary focus of is entrepreneurship.

M.O. is the abbreviation for Modus Operandi or Method of Operating and we interview entrepreneurs to learn about their methods and to share their strategies and business philosophies with our readers.

The interview is pretty in-depth, which is cool in and of itself. However when you look at the company I’m keeping — the likes of Luncinda Holt (CEO of ClickEquations), Aaron Wall (Founder of SEO Book), and Neil Patel (Founder of KISS Metrics and Crazy Egg) — I’m pretty flattered that they talked to me!

My favorite pull-quote:

Fwd:Vault is all about simplicity and access, so this is something we work on every day. When you build and run any kind of web service, user feedback is absolutely key. A single user can find more bugs, usability snags, and other problems in a single visit than you as the author could find with a week of dedicated review. Most developers fear and loathe dealing with customer support, however those phone calls and emails are a treasure trove of potential improvements, fixes, and new ideas.

Read the full article.

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