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09 Feb 2011

PHP IDS website down

PHP IDS is an intrusion detection system written in PHP. It allows developers to incorporate security analysis directly into their systems. Since it’s written in PHP, it can go wherever the site goes, and has minimal server requirements. Plus, since it works at the site level, a developer can pick and choose how and when to apply it to site actions. I love it.

Unfortunately, I went to the PHP IDS site today to grab the latest version, only to discover the site is either temporarily down or closed entirely. The error message is in German, but Google Translate gives the following translation:

This server is no longer in operation.

Please tell the operator that the DNS on the new IP convert their.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Update April 4, 2011

Looks like they had some domain issues, and are now back at The lead developer of PHPIDS, .mario, has a post detailing the shutdown and return.

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