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01 Apr 2009

Add to Any and iBegin Share throw down the gauntlet!

If you missed my post a few days ago detailing the pros and cons of four major social networking tools — AddThis, ShareThis, Add to Any, and iBegin Share — you owe it to yourself to quickly review it and then get to the comments. First Pat Diven, Founder of Add to Any, responded with some great counter-arguments to my claims. We went back and forth several times comparing Add to Any and iBegin Share, and ended up covering a ton of ground on the best practices for these tools. Then, David Cramer and Ahmed Farooq, representing iBegin Share, dropped by to offer their two cents, and to let us know that they’ve pushed a new version of both the source version and Wordpress plugin. Here’s hoping Pat chimes back in again, he obviously knows his tech and offered interesting food for thought for any web developer. Plus he had the guts to get down here in the trenches and talk nitty-gritty on his product. Maybe the better question is where’s Tim Schigel, founder of ShareThis, and Dom Vonarburg, Founder of AddThis?

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