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25 May 2021

Podcasting Is Actually Faster Than Writing

Commonality between blog and podcast styles are 100% intentionally hot.

Commonality between blog and podcast styles are 100% intentionally hot.

It seems like everyone picked up a new hobby during the 2020 quarantine. Mine was obviously not blogging, however in the last few months of the year I finally made good on a personal goal and launched a podcast, called Refactored.

Co-hosted with my longtime friend and colleague Chris Tonkinson, we essentially started recording the professional discussions he and I would have when working together. The topics varied wildly, the conversation would often dive deep on the subject du jour, and there was always an enjoyable amount of snark and sarcasm.

Chris and I have weaved in and out of several companies together, currently working for different companies on opposite coasts. We always had fun and felt like the conversation was worthwhile. So, as an excuse to “mandate” those conversations, and as experiment to see if others found them useful, we started “bottling it” in weekly episodes, roughly an hour long.

We’re a few months and 23 episodes in at this point. The jury’s still out on what others think, but we’re having a good time, so we’ll keep going. You can also see what Chris had to say about the podcast in his own post covering our launch.

You can check out Refactored over at Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks in advance for listening!

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