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13 Dec 2011

Write code like they do in Hollywood

Want to look like a badass hacker in front of your friends?
21 Nov 2011

Brian Rolle machine gun celebration

I’m not much of a sports guy, but this sack celebration by Eagles’ Linebacker Brian Rolle in last night’s game against...
27 Oct 2011

Fix Wordpress "Fatal error: Allowed memory size" messages

You may (or may not) have noticed this site was down for the past few days, displaying a blank page no matter what URL...
09 Sep 2011

Recover hijacked default keyword search engine in Firefox

Earlier today I installed what I thought was an update to the Xvid codec in order to watch a video. I should have be...
04 May 2011

Using hashmarks for URL anchors in Apache rewrites

Today I had to make an Apache rewrite that redirected a custom URL not only to a different page, but also to a specific...
10 Apr 2011

Remove parent directories from tar archives

You run a Linux web server, and have painstakingly crafted custom backup processes for all your important data. Undoubte...
08 Apr 2011

Key-based logins for SSH

Here’s the scenario: You have a remote-hosted Linux server that you currently access via SSH by entering a username and...
15 Feb 2011

Translate signs through video with Word lens

My I was trotting along the tubes today with my trusty steed StumbleUpon, when I came across a new iPhone app called <a...
09 Feb 2011

PHP IDS website down

PHP IDS is an intrusion detection system written in PHP. It allows developers to incorporate security analysis directly...
02 Feb 2011

Starting a business, first step — 1. What does your product actually DO?

This post is part of a series for new entrepreneurs looking to get their first business idea off the ground. Don’t...