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The more you know, the more you don’t know

02 Feb 2011

Starting a business, first step — 1. What does your product actually DO?

This post is part of a series for new entrepreneurs looking to get their first business idea off the ground. Don’t...
24 Jan 2011

Starting a business, the first step

Several would-be entrepreneurs reached out to me at the end of the year, seeking advice on how to get started with thei...
30 Sep 2010

Interviewed at MO

I had the great fortune of being interviewed by the guys over at ear...
06 Aug 2010

Interview over at

My friend Tim Murphy recently launched entrepreneur-startup-guide.c...
23 Jun 2010

Vote for Pedro, erm I mean Fwd:Vault!

Fwd:Vault’s been listed on the startup review site <a href="
25 May 2010

Heading to Knoxville for Global Finals

I’ll be down on the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville this week showing off Fwd:Vault at the Innovation Expo...
10 May 2010

FileTime edit Windows file timestamps

In my off-hours, I tutor a very talented young man on computers, programming, and IT. Our work is usually short exercis...
28 Apr 2010

4 easy steps to avoid disaster clients

I found an article today describing the <a href="
22 Apr 2010

My presentation at PSL's Entrepreneur Expo

I had the opportunity to exhibit at the Entrepreneur Expo in Ph...
19 Apr 2010

Require site visitors to enable Javascript

This one has dogged me for quite some time, but I finally figured out how to force users to turn on Javascript when usin...